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From Ideation to Completion

Pin USA is peopled by tactical dreamers and strategic artisans. We create thousands of unique, custom enamel pins and other keepsakes every year, so we know this business better than anyone else. We delight in creating commemoratives that support brand strategies while also inspiring fond memories for end users.

How we do it

The Big Ideas: Listening is Key

Before we do anything, we want to hear from you: what are the big picture goals?

Every commemorative has a story behind it – an emotion that it wants to elicit, a memory it wants to help an individual retain. Our teams of designers and illustrators are masters of distilling big ideas into handheld treasures.

Design and Development: Meet LOLA

LOLA is our proprietary creative management system.

The creation of commemoratives is a complex process that requires numerous drafts and approvals – but we’ve got it covered. Our custom-built, state-of-the art, cloud-based system does even more than organizing and cataloging all of our work for your easy perusal – it tracks every change made to any draft of any item we’ve ever worked on (making all ideas easily traceable and repeatable). LOLA also allows us to maintain hands-on involvement in sourcing, manufacturing and shipping your products.

custom enamel pins

Delivery: We Understand the Importance of Deadlines

Our projects includes complete design and product development, all the way down to the packaging and UPC codes.

When we work with you to create custom enamel pins and other keepsakes, we want your life to be as stress-free as possible. Once the design is set, literally all you’ll need to do is pull it out of the box and sell it. With our products featured at events all over the world, we completely understand the importance of logistics and on-time deliveries.

And More: Long-term Partnership

Pin USA will keep you current, exciting, and in-demand.

We have been driving record-setting business for some of our clients for 20+ years – we wouldn’t be able to do that without keeping a firm finger on the pulse of contemporary culture and social trends. We immerse ourselves in new ideas, new products, and forward-facing ideas that keep our clients on the forefront of the commemorative industry. Whether it’s the latest pin techniques, innovations in charm bracelets, or something newer, we stay on top of everything that’s distinctly “now” so you’ll always be relevant and trendsetting.

Meet the team and get to know LOLA