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Like all great stories

Ours was born from passion
Mario Fiumani, our CEO and Founder, is a lifelong pin-lover, but it wasn’t until he started selling them at a kiosk at Universal Studios that he realized where his passion for pins could take him.

In 1994, after the success of his first foray into the commemorative gift product business,
he launched PIN USA.

custom buttons custom keychains

Today, the business maintains a 15,000-square-foot headquarters housing dozens of award-winning artists, designers, and international production experts. We have generated over 150,000 individual products for hundreds of the most recognized and widely respected brands, venues, theme parks, and destination on the globe.

As the recognized industry leader in collective custom pins, buttons, keychains, and other commemoratives, Pin USA works with many of the biggest brands in the world, such as Disney theme parks, Disney Stores Worldwide, Hard Rock Café Casinos and Hotels worldwide, Hooters, Red Bull, SeaWorld, The Rose Parade, Hello Kitty, MGM Resorts, and Universal Studios, to name only a few.

We at Pin USA are incredibly proud of the relationships we’ve built over the past three decades, and we’re also humbled and honored to be recognized as trendsetters within the gift product industry.

As a result of our global travels and creative designs for custom pins, buttons, and keychains, we are often invited to share our trend forecasts at conferences and seminars, providing industry knowledge our clients have come to expect and rely upon.

Our Executive Team

Drawing from their diverse fields of expertise, each of our executives brings a distinct perspective and know-how
to every client project. It’s through their collective leadership that we’re able to continually elevate global brands
to their next stage of commemorative and collectible excellence.

Our reputation has been built one client success story
at a time, and that’s the way we like it.