Custom Pins For Timeless Commemoration

Hard Enamel

Easily the most sought-after collectible custom pins are enamel pins – these items have the greatest potential for detail and customization and also have the most universal appeal across verticals and demographics. Each of our hard enamel pins is a true work of art and requires many steps to complete, including various stages of firing and hand polishing.

Soft Enamel
Soft enamel pins look great and offer tremendous bottom-line value – they’re perfect for giveaways and consumer marketing at trade shows, conventions, and other events. Soft enamel pins can be customized to your chosen specifications and can be ordered with or without epoxy coating.

Cast Metal
The cast metal pin is ideal as a sophisticated offering – the form allows for the most precise pin details as the contrast between the relief and flat areas is a creative medium unto itself. A cast metal pin provides multiple surface levels which in turn provide a multi-dimensional look and feel. Cast medal pins are great for medallions, metals, and company service pins.

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Laser Print
This is our newest and most exciting pin development process! Utilizing laser technology, we can create detailed artwork and color gradients that were never before possible on an enamel pin. We can also laser print on a 3D-base, which adds depth and fun to exciting pin designs.

Sometimes a bigger format is needed to tell the story of your collectible pin story. Custom hinge pins allow for a two-part pin and provide the footprint to have multiple pin stories come to life.

Slider & Spinner
To make a truly dramatic impact with a pin, a spinning or sliding element may be the ideal way to imagine and shape your keepsake. Spins and slides are perfect for simulating motion and animation within the surface of the pin.

Special Feature
The sky’s the limit on special feature pins. We’ve designed pins with crystals, glow-in-the-dark inks, glitter treatments, stained glass effects, PVC inserts – and these awesome elements can be combined with a spinner, slider or hinge components.

Offset Pins
Offset pins can be a more cost-effective pin option. They are manufactured using a basic 4-color print process where the artwork is transferred onto a simple base metal with an epoxy finish. Offset is best used for very detailed imagery.

Button Pins
The button pin gained popularity many years ago as the catalyst for promoting political campaigns. It provides an inexpensive way to showcase a logo or concept with very little in setup costs. Button pins are fun, campy and colorful!


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