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What you can expect from Pin USA

From start to finish, our handcrafted products go through a multi-stage process to ensure a result that exceeds expectations. Our creativity, attention to detail, and dedication to quality are a few of the many reasons why we're trusted by many of the world's most recognized brands.

Highlighted below are a select number of our creative steps - from design inspiration through product completion.

It begins with a bit of inspiration

Upon receipt of the client brief, our in-house illustrators and designers – many of whom have backgrounds in animation from major studios – begin every design process by sourcing inspiration from pictures, graphics and illustrations. With each new addition, creative life is breathed into the concept.

Putting pen to digital tablet

Our teams employ classic illustration techniques in cojunction with the latest in digital technology to progressively add to the conceptualization. Color, depth, dimension, product material and special features are taken into account, all while keeping the client's brand front and center. It's another step on the journey to a product success-story.

The critical importance of color

Color plays a vitally important role in every one of our designs. Our creative team carefully chooses the “right” color combinations to strike a perfect balance between the product's visual appeal and a memorable experience for the product's target audience.

Using highlight and shading techniques for eye-catching emphasis.

Visually, light and shadow help make sense of the design. Taking into account the product medium, our team incorporates highlights and shading to help further define depth, dimension and visual interest.

Brand awareness: Always front and center…so to speak

Brand awareness is one of the most important tools out there; it has been proven effective in getting customers to recognize and remember a particular brand and their products. At Pin USA, we see ourselves as our client's brand partner. By always keeping their brand front and center, we help to build strong product recognition and positive product association for our clients.

The final flourish

At Pin USA, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products. To ensure we end the design on the right note, the final comp undergoes a finalization stage where all the details are polished and refined before being sent to the client for final approval.

The grand unveiling.

Never ordinary, always extraordinary. That's what we at Pin USA strive to achieve with each and every project we undertake. Once the design has been finalized and approved, it's sent to our manufacturing facility. But our work doesn't end there. After much communication, back and forth, receipt of sample sets, tweaks and edits, the final product is (finally) ready to ship to our client. All our time and attention to detail from the first step to the last, is what sets us apart. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Your Brand Concept + Our Creativity =
A Promotional Masterpiece